Ormoc City’s Oppugnant Politics Will Bring Its People Another Generation of Political Misery.

As much as I feel sick hearing a political candidate get mocked over the radio every day for his fraudulent activities supported by well-documented claims to prove the point of the claim; there is nothing more disturbing than knowing the city’s political aspirants for higher office are on set for a political dynasty. Giving light to the story –which seems to be the “standards“– of the country’s election scheme, each political party convenes for a meeting de avance.

Is meeting de avance really worth an attention? Contrary to the fact of political correctness; in the Philippines nobody really cares about these labels. In Ormoc however, the case is entirely different. Having been in a couple of meeting de avances from each political parties only proved one thing –each desperate politicians stoop so low as to resort to political sloganeering. Instead of playing their political propaganda and slogan in an entertaining way other than adding the lyrics, “ayaw mo sa artista“, why not try to changing “ayaw mo sa droga ug sa corrupt nga opisyal aning probinsyaha” to catch the people’s attention and vote? This line alone will highlight one’s political image to steer clear and reduce the risk of being grilled publicly by the media.

Ormoc city’s politicians has somehow failed to do this. The city’s politicians has been lazy in its attempts to address the issues plaguing the people. From the issues of gasoline, to the amount of Emergency Shelter Assistance’s (ESA) disbursed, to the issues again of drugs and massive scales of corruption; these issues just goes on and on and issues like this will keep going if Ormocanons will not eradicate the city’s number one cause of the problem –its politicians.

Ormoc city is going to fit the oxymoron the ‘productive-wasteland’ if its people continues to not choose wisely. Ormocanons are so overdriven by the promises of a job position in the city or a chance to travel to another island in the country for free or a big amount of money as a ‘thanksgiving’ for voting a certain public official. Some are even devoted to the meaning of the word gratitude because somehow, these public servants has helped them in some other way. It’s these type of mentality that ruins a productive city like Ormoc because it blocks future economic development and societal growth.

Sadly, nobody is willing to admit that Ormoc is in mayhem with its current public servants since it has been managed by the same incompetent people aided by voters who have sworn virulent allegiance towards the same said officials. Thus, it resulted to a lot of failure where a lot of Ormocanons are ashamed to accept. Here are some events to consider if the decision to put the same people in seat is plausible: 

  1. “Ormoc City is Okay” as a statement right after the wake of that traumatic typhoon Haiyan has brought the city’s broken hope to shatter because the supposedly public servants flew away to escape the misery of the devastation. Those people will never be forgotten. #NeverAgain.
  2. Rerouting the city which only led to a massive traffic congestion manipulated by incapable traffic enforcers. This is clearly observed especially in the adjoining sections between Barangay Alegria and the city wet market. What’s even worse are the employed police forces that only pops up like unwanted weeds during election period. Police officers should be insulted by this as this automatically devalues the fact that they should be on the road working and doing what they’ve sworn under oath.
  3. Reduction of Emergency Shelter Assistance fund. Needless to say, people should have received more than they should have. The reason behind this massive amounts of ESA reduction is supported by the statement of a certain congresswoman aspirant which goes, “ang rason nganong naibanan ang pondo kay tungod sa rason nga ang Mayor ug ang congresswoman lahi ra ug partido politiko.” (The reason why the fund is reduced boils down to the reason that the mayor and the congresswoman are of the different political parties.)

The above mentioned items are just few of the situations to take in consideration since it shows how capacitated and seasoned a politician could be. Insofar, most of the propaganda from every Ormocanon-political aspirants in the run right now are good as mere whispers in a noisy room. They’re either too pointless to ponder or too lame to even consider a choice and waste a dime. Such audacity of a deliberately incapacitated politician will cost Ormoc city its future and its people. Full pockets after election period is nothing compared to 3 years of misery and poverty from the same incapable people serving the city. Let’s get real. RT


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