Codilla’s Dilemma, Gomez’s Gain: Millennials as Judges.

Hard as the Codillas might try, the chances of winning this year’s elections are obviously on the glidepath of the opposition team –the Gomezes. With Codilla-issues aired up every afternoon by a certain radio station; Ondo Codilla, the city mayor who eschews disturbing issues easily on his term has even threatened to sue the lawyer-commentator for the latter’s remarks about him. His imposition of his abuse of power affirms that he is willing to take down anybody who threatens his political career, by hook or by crook. He is reaching the dawn of his political career with Richard Gomez on the field as his opponent.

Ormoc has been on the hands of Codillas for quiet a while and has had enough of the incompetence and corruption poisoning the air Ormocanons breath. He has never been a seasoned politician even if his seat says otherwise; remember that with vote buying as a good business on far flung areas only accessible by limited transportation, one will surely get a pie over those handful of votes.

But Codilla’s time is almost over. What will he do to gather ‘suppoters’ now that the tightly-knit religious group Iglesia Ni Cristo which voice inveigles a good number of believers enough to create a city, has publicly endorsed the opposition team –Gomez? This is the result of Codilla’s utter disobedience from public calls to answer issues thrown at him and discuss the matter publicly instead of hiding in his office while exhorting his people to work ‘extra’ hours and finish preparing legal documents supporting him on his battle to absterge himself and not clam up his stinking political mishaps.


Here’s to the reasons why Codilla will have the minute chances of winning:

First, he avoids public scrutiny which has the  sole intention to explicate publicly related issues concerning the welfare of the city in favor of him. Simple yet solvable interrogatory statements with straightforward answers will help him enlighten his political image if he is brave enough to answer the issues thrown at him. This way, people will believe that he is indeed a man worthy of honor.

Second, he has sworn an allegiance towards the Liberal Party from the current Aquino administration itself which, sadly, is struggling to pull its own saddle as a winning political party. Codilla had never acted upon intelligence to realize that the Aquino administration has only been popular during the Martial Law years and is now abhorred by the Filipino people. With what Aquino and Codilla boasts to the people publicly with their achievements, notoriously known to the nation as Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program (4P’s) which only led to some marginalized Filipinos being lazy and dependent. At the end of the month, beneficiaries will receive enough money to have food in their tables anyway so why bother working? Especially if the identified beneficiary has lots of mouths to feed, oh, the more you have mouths to feed in your family, the bigger you receive. Before, such programs will center one’s attention towards the candidate who implements the program, not anymore. Codilla’s lame focus on Filipino charity-structured programs is the least Filipinos’ expect due to increasing different demands in society (such as job, transportation, communication) and the need to meet the increasing living standards of the city.

Surprisingly sad, 4P‘s and other gift-giving programs are common to the millennials. With millennials’ growing population and outrageous ambitions to go out of the country and find greener pastures; that is not what the millennials’ needs, the millennials’ needs permanent jobs that will cover their daily needs with affordable insurance policies and efficient healthcare benefits. These are just two of the basic foundation to keep the city reach an economic milestone and become better than the neighboring towns.

Third, he lacks the leadership skill needed to function properly and sanity to set aside personal differences with his rival in order to create a developed and productive Ormoc. Instead of complaining that his district representative is of a different party, why not try and tap on their doors and settle issues to promote economic development through innovative approach and finding solutions to problems like drugs? Codilla, with the title as a re-electionist has failed to calculate the probability of winning this year’s election by pulling out his extra strings  to defame his opposition and secure and landslide vote, however, with Iglesia Ni Cristo endorsing Gomez, he will be left with little to no vote with Ormoc telling him it is “okay”; just like how he punctuated Ormoc right after the Supertyphoon hit the city. He has miscalculated the “artistas” with the bold assumption that they will not win this year’s election.

Obviously, the almighty city hall has a shaking ground right now with the looming defeat of the Codilla administration. Just, he should’ve done what he’s supposed to do like and lead the political fight like what Gomez did.


Here’s to the reasons why Gomez will have the highest probability of winning this year’s elections:

With the likeness of Richard Gomez to American Democtratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Tribune Content Agency writer Bill Press enumerated in his article, “Young People Discover Politics Through Bernie” the reasons why Sanders will have the edge. Gomez’s situation is congeneric to that of Sanders’. First, “for young people turned off by politics, Gomez is the ultimate outsider.” Even though Gomez has been on the entertainment business, the same goes with Codilla who is on construction business, Gomez has showed genuine interest in developing Ormoc and boosting its tourism as its main industry with what he sees a potential resource on (which seems argumentative) the American soldiers provided by the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).

Second, Gomez is a seasoned candidate that’s why he is the Mayoral bet of the tightly-knit religious group Iglesia Ni Cristo. Having asked a friend from the said religious group as to why Gomez, she simply told me that for the past 6 years of sitting on the mayoral seat; Ormoc has seen little progress, corrupted infrastructures like thin roads and decaying buildings, poor basic services and public utilities like health centers, transportation stations, sea ports, unpaved roads, and the last goes on. Unlike Lucy Torres-Gomez, Codilla has again failed to establish a stable government geared with competent workers who know the minute details of their jobs. If Lucy Torres-Gomez has changed the political demography of a neighboring town, what more could Richard Gomez do?

Richard Gomez may be naïve in politics with a good chance of losing this year’s election and being him as Ormoc city’s Bernie Sanders, Bill Press added to the Tribune Content Agency that “he will not walk away” even if he looses because “his goal from the start is not to win” the election, but to “reshape” Ormoc city and its sick politics.

With the election just days away and people realizing which candidates has the obvious potential of developing Ormoc City, the loser should see things the bright side ➖he will have the chance of proving himself worthy of the Ormocanon votes. This notion however might turn out to be a fictitious claim if one will not go to jail, but that would mean that justice had been served, right?

The bottom line here goes to that of the opposition team. If Codilla wins, Gomez should think like Bernie Sanders and “won’t stop there.” And Gomez, like Sanders “will go on to lead a political movement for change. And more than any other politician today, he has the resources and army of supporters to do so.” Press added. RT


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