Hypocrisy, Lalaine Jimenea and Her Highfalutin Madness Through Her Personal Biased Media

Lalaine Jimenea is at it again. In a discombobulated article she wrote on her personally owned EV Mail “News” column with a much rather confusing and bleeding with an overprotective and sensationalistic theme she titled “Mayor apologizes to netizen for driver’s fault“, she had failed to steer her rabid supporters into believing that her opinion about the issue were right and that it matters. She, for the lack of better word, had written a slovenly article that portrays not just the bent political philosophy she have, but her virtue in life as a writer.

The article Jimenea wrote started with how the mayor “apologized for his driver’s oversight while parking along the highway“. Jimenea has failed to realize that the owner of the car the driver was driving was no other than the mayor himself, who, has the firsthand knowledge about the illegality of not parking along the national road as stated on Article IV. Section 46(h) of R.A. 4136 which states that, “No driver shall park a vehicle, or permit it to stand, whether attended or unattended in any of the following places: *specifically at* (h) At any place where official signs have been erected prohibiting parking.” The driver had clearly violated the law, but at which name was the car registered? The mayor himself. Such was the case of Jimenea’s stupid notion agreeing to the mayor’s action to “suspend” his driver because of the driver’s lack of “oversight”, when in fact, the name at which the car has been registered at which the penalty will be acquired will fall unto the name of the Mayor himself. It is no less than necessary to point out the sad truth that lies behind the impetus of the chauvinistic writer that is Jimenea and the fiasco she made by protecting the virtue of her friend through her personally owned business by writing a sugarcoated yet out-of-the-point-of-an-interesting-read article and calling out those who expressed their opinions and gave their insights through the social media outlet, Facebook, as “hecklers” and has caused the owner of the Facebook post a social discomfort.

f1a30fb900efe40b_8763-w173-h173-b0-p0-lalaine_jimeneaJimenea had forgotten to synthesize a critical question through the mayor-suspending-his-driver equation: Who is the real victim? Jimenea has never acted upon intelligence when she wrote the article and let her emotions ran through her veins by instantly going into the defensive. Ergo, she, through her selective amnesia, had forgotten some very important details which made her look like a writing hypocrite. Ergo, she had forgotten to deduce the fact that as politicians have amassed themselves political superpowers, if it were not for Andrea Larrazabal Tan, the “netizen” who posted the disturbing photo, that situation might have been worse and the perpetrators of the crime might get away with it so easily.

It is sad to know that there are only a handful of “tabloid” companies in Ormoc, and most of those who writes are either a fraud, or a hypocrite. In such a case, Jimenea is no different and worse; she had resorted to name calling and had underestimated the power of her future critics. (1) In the article she wrote on the same content with the above mentioned news title, she quoted Tan’s post “Kinsa batoy nagsulti gani na dili pwede mag park sa National Hiway? Life is sooo unfair…,” and then Jimenea added, “she posted, along with three pictures of cars parked along the highway in front of Bistro Bai, one of which was the mayor’s.” However, due to her selective amnesia, she had forgotten to include that “her” car was also one of the cars parked along the highway. Such was the obvious hypocrisy she showed. Or, (2) she had intended to not include the fact that her car was one of those cars parked along the national road so she could give her rabid supporters an image that she, in the manner of ethics and saving her pathetic life, could sensationalize the issue to give her more credit that the “hecklers” are pure evil that has the sole intention to deface and defame the mayor who has a “strong” bond with EV Mail’s owner –no other than Lalaine Jimenea.

But the story does not end there yet. In the hopes that Jimenea will begin to exercise more critical thinking and not succumb to intellectual malleability, she had failed to mention that the mayor had committed an act unbecoming professional by expressing a somewhat “disturbing” opinion at which Jimenea has not considered and thought it’s the mayor’s way of “shrugging off” the issue. What’s more insulting than a mayor telling you to “Be the mayor next time and solve the problem.“? Jimenea could not contain the hatred she have towards the mayor’s alleged “hecklers” when she tried to put an effort to portray the mayor’s innocence by manipulating her readers’ minds into believing that those who gave the mayor ‘insights‘ and has ‘opined‘ into the issue were the “bad” guys. The general comments on the post had not lambasted the mayor as opposed to what Jimenea had written in her article. However, due to Jimenea’s sensationalistic nature and victim mentality, she made it look like the mayor has been the victim of the issue and thus, as his protector, she defended the mayor through her badly written language. It’s also evident that she had been so fast at pointing out the flaws of the Codilla administration but is also fast at defending the Gomez administration. Ormocanons will now realize that whatever efforts EV Mail tries to show that they are not steering the people to a specific political color, nobody is going to believe them. Anymore.

It is quite obvious now that EV Mail has a grim future if Jimenea will continue to plague the business with her hate-filled and shallow insights to people issues and not correct her “attitude problem”. Her highfalutin madness and fanaticism towards the mayor and what little fame she could scrape out of the political sphere will do nothing but drag her down to her own demise. Although she is not an avid supporter of the previous administration, it sure as hell looks like she is a dog waiting for the Gomez administration to pitch her a bone and jump on a landmine anytime they wish her to. As hypocrite as she may come, she will continue to write articles which omits truth on the context just to protect her savvy taste in politics, even if that means sacrificing her own dignity as a writer.

Again, a liar and a hypocrite like Jimenea are the type of people who let themselves succumb to victim mentality and let their emotions take a quick hold of their better judgement. Filipinos who thinks like her are the type of people who will hinder a society’s growth and will fail Filipinos’ stratospheric hopes of a pride and prejudice-free society and turn it into a large scale moronic circus with the selfish notion of protecting a politician’s image. Indeed, Ormoc city is infested with a sick culture of a mediocre media influence from EV Mail and Ormoc should stop romanticizing with Lalaine Jimenia. (RT)

(Image source: www.houz.com)


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