Brave Shorts: Ormoc City Is Also Infested With Idiots And More.


Ormoc has a lot of issues, but one of its massive issue is the rise of idiots in the city.

Look at the streets and you’ll see what I mean when I say the word idiot: From the (1) tricycle driver who doesn’t know how to follow signs and load more passengers even when he still haven’t driven his remaining passengers to their destinations, to the (2) high school and college students who often misspell words and couldn’t even create a simple sentence, up until those who work in the (3) government who are the products of nepotism and stupid political agenda and these (4) government leaders who will sell what the city owns just so they could put something into their accomplishment reports or to (5) my readers who doesn’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

What’s the main point of this brave short? It’s to open the eyes of every Ormocanons that the city NEEDS YOU to use your brain properly. The city is at stake of being an oligarch-owned and local aspiring entrepreneurs will never have the chance to build their own dreams. What the city needs are smart and action-oriented individuals. Ormocanons should start acting like people who could stand on their own feet before it’s too late.


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