Ruby Espina’s Failure To “Punctuate” The Traffic Issue Is A Big Sign That Ormoc City Needs Smarter & Bolder Writers


Ms. Espina wrote an angry column and she should learn from her mistake

In Ruby Espina’s editorial column, she tried to point out the flaws of the Nega People who “irked” with the new implemented roadmap to alter the traffic flow. She went ballistic into explaining what type of individuals these Nega People were and how these people saw the new traffic flow as a “disappointment”.

However, all attempts were wasted when she failed to deliver an empirical and satiable evidence to back her claims as to why this new roadmap is going to be successful either. She even stabbed her own column with the venomous dagger of her own words that the new roadmap is still in an experimental stage, which actually adds up to the fact that the situation is a win-or-loose battle between the success of the new traffic scheme experiment or its failure.

Ms. Espina had written an article that failed to convince the greater thinking population of Ormoc to believe her in her quasi-attempt to portray that those who question the integrity and efficiency of the new traffic scheme were just a noisy buzz. In her failure to convince the people, realist websites like Brave Ormocanon begs to be heard differently. We fill the missing void and we correct what is wrong. Contrary to Espina’s claim that people were buzzing noisily on their social media accounts; those people whom she identified to buzz noisily actually constituted of people with busy schedules, people with businesses, and people making a living. These are what Ms. Espina ultimately failed to include and deduce from the whole name-calling brouhaha.

Under extreme scrutiny, her article had its lapses and raised some very important arguments that could be further explained by simple reasons. (1) Since the city’s economy is “booming” and the city has “small” streets, what could have been the more obvious answer to this other than road widening? (2) But the city will have to spend more money on road widening and it will take time! So long as the people sees the efforts to improve the quality of life and economic privileges in Ormoc is genuine, then the current administration is free to leave the people to think for themselves. (3) Is it really business-wise to follow the new roadmap as a well thought “new idea and scheme to answer the developing traffic (problem)?” If the answer to this is a whopping YES, then business owners will have to rethink moving somewhere else where their business could be easily accessible to the general public. These are just few of the points at which Ms. Espina failed to mention in her article.

It’s common to Ormocanons to see dull stories from its local media, which sadly resulted to those who are not immune to the fangs of the vampiric dysfunctional culture of a mediocre news reporting, succumb to political malleability. Brave Ormocanon begs to be heard differently and will live for its philosophy to corroborate real stories from the voiceless public.

Surely, in the plight of Western Leyte Express’ Editor-in-chief Ruby Espina and her failed attempt to refute the “buzz” of those who irked with the new traffic scheme, it is just right for the thinking population of Ormoc to question whether the credibility of Western Leyte Express’ columnists are even that who begs to be heard differently. Ms. Espina wrote an angry column and she should learn from her mistake to never again write an article that appeals to emotion rather than reason that clouds the whole idea of a reasonable opinion from a “journalist” like her. You never need to be loud and angry for people listen to you. And Brave Ormocanon is an example of that. (RT)

(Photo courtesy: West Leyte Express)


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