Why Ormoc City’s Local Media Is Afraid To Talk Against It’s Current Administration


Little has been said about the real sad state of Ormoc city’s local media. Nobody talks about big issues that raises suspicions as to the true motives of the government behind all these pseudo attempts —political cronyism for one by privatizing state owned equities— into “converting” the city as a large scale business district.

Remembering the remnants of the media circus last election period, it became a common scenario to Filipinos hearing their local media bickering against each other like school girls cat fighting to get their crush’s attention. What’s worse was, these bickering media bitches were avid supporters of a certain political color like their lives depended on it and then silent themselves that one could literally hear crickets chirping on the background when their “manok” lost the election game. Such circus these hippie media men exhibited had been of an entertainment in so many disturbing ways.

Unbeknownst to those who have no idea what the hell is happening in Ormoc, amidst the deafening trumpets and bands and the diabolical political slogans which had been played loud enough with decibels exceeding the healthy level and had resulted to some people complaining about slight auditory damage and had caused a considerate amount of confusion to the gullible Ormocanons who has problems with processing an effective cognitive dissonance had, at the very least, helped the current administration reap its victory and traumatized the opposing political party —both financially and psychologically.

But not everything good you do gets paid for free in a country like the Philippines, sometimes it will even cost you your freedom. In Ormoc city’s case, a prime example will fall into the local media at which tangible results are very obvious and could be felt through Ormocanons’ sometimes selective auditory nerve. To be more concrete with my statement, nobody, not one in Ormoc city’s locally branded media has ever talked against the current administration because they’ve already sworn their virulent allegiance towards whoever is sitting in the almighty office of the big building with a good promise of an uninterrupted public service in favor of the current administration but have the latter exchange the good publicity over easy business dealings. In short, these media men had offered the very soul of their job to the current administration and are now acting like cheap mad schlemiels of this sad government who could not control their own business anymore because, again, they fear for what’s to come.


Now, issues like the “jammed” traffic effectiveness and re-routing of the city’s district streets were given a sugarcoated story but had vaguely hit a bullet into where the local media would want it to hit —an ill-fated attempt to portray as a sign of good economic progress. The city has also an issue of political cronyism that nobody in Ormoc city’s local media were able to discuss in the open air. Ormocanons should start to realize that privatization of state owned equities (SOEs) without letting the people know is an act of treason and political cronyism (insert wiki definition link). Privatization of SOEs is a one big issue that Ormoc city’s local media should have been talking right now. It’s sad to know that not a single media outlet is able to talk about this drastically massive measure towards an oligarchic substitution of the city’s basic duty —which is to provide these basic needs to the citizen— freely in the open air without the fear of being retaliated politically like what they used to perform entertainingly during the election period.

To answer the headline of this highly opinionated article, we could deduce an answer to the following dialectics:

   (1) By reason of vested interests, and;

   (2) By fear of political retaliation

The former dialectic is very obvious in its form falling into the basic concept of ethics and the human behavioral pattern, especially those whose business may fall into the risk of existential crisis or foreclosure and bankruptcy. As human intelligence would put it, nobody in his right mind would want to risk and waste something as valuable as money so some had already resorted to the moronically horrendous step of saving their asses by doing everything to save their business even if that means sacrificing their own dignity— which is the common business practice some of Ormoc city’s media men are doing.

On the other hand, item (2) shows how powerful and destructive politics could be had resulted to, sadly still, the local media clamoring like crabs and kissing the asses of the city government just to get brownie points and get their business going smoothly in Ormoc city’s political geography. Ormocanons know that if one talks against a certain political party, he either gets ridiculed or criticized by the opposition party for his treacherous actions, worse he get threats. As such, this creates a chain reaction towards the people who thinks they’re all victims of this sad government and in lieu of going into public discourse and bringing a certain matter into the table for open-minded discussions, their will always be the fear that blankets the politician in question who may have already casted his battalion of attack dogs to either counter-interrogate or threat the questioning entity. Scenarios like this is as common as breathing the political air our politicians have been giving us at a huge cost.

What could have been done to prevent being trapped into a political situation that cages every business opportunities that comes into the radar of the government especially the types which aims to provide unbridled and honest public service who call themselves media men? Here are some tips for you:

(1) Choosing to stay away from politicians and giving a sound argument into every actions a politician does. This is what our local media has been missing big time! You don’t need to sound like the loudmouth person you are in your radio station because it just becomes so irritating when you get all high and mighty. Take note that some people actually thinks you’re dumb. You might not want to believe it but the best way to sound convincing is to use sound judgement and calm demeanor rather than letting your emotions and your voice take over the message of your one hour litany.

(2) Stop kissing the asses of certain politicians while on set! This is what most media men are doing. This is where the slave mentality comes into play when after all those reputations you’ve built through your news reporting, you go all “sir” and “yessir” in a flick of a finger just because you’re sitting in front of a big name. . . and you get all high.

(3) You SHOULD delete all of your political contacts. It’s a simple step, but it will surely bolt your business securely if you fit it with the perfect nuts. What it means: when you know your business could stand even without a politician’s name on your phonebook list —when you’re earning even without an under-the-table-transaction, that means you’re all set to combat a political agenda and can say “NO” if you WANT to. Remember that payback is a big bitch and these politicians knows just about every trick in the book.

(4) Connect with politically free people. No more explanations needed. It just helps a lot when you could move freely and interact with different types of people who has different dish stories.

(5) Live up to the capacity of your business. Don’t venture into something you know will give you a hard time backing out. Public service, like any other business, needs one very important thing: Credibility. If you can’t master the art of having good credibility, then you should quit your job.

With the five point tips Brave Ormocanon presented, all the greasy hopes are smeared in the name of public service, they will change the political spectrum and how our media men are doing their jobs and giving Ormocanons a good and reliable public service. Ormoc city need outlets like Brave Ormocanon, those who beg to be heard.


3 thoughts on “Why Ormoc City’s Local Media Is Afraid To Talk Against It’s Current Administration

  1. I really do not see any issue of privatization of SOE. If you are talking of the North Terminal and the plan on the present bus terminal in the market area, I suggest you also try to research yourself in the City Hall. There is nothing wrong with the government asking the private sector to assist it in its projects; in fact, this is even evident in the nationwide thrust of the government’s PPP.


  2. However, if you want to make a critique on this part. I suggest you target the bidding process. Try to ask if there was a bidding done concerning the planned North Terminal because it seems that it was only given to Robinsons Corporation. Nevertheless, in the method of PPP, a company could solicit a proposal for a project to the government and if no other private entity contests, they are awarded such (subject also to the government’s approval).


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