Brave Shorts: Is Codilla Still Alive?


Ormoc city is scourged with a lot of issues right now; from the complaints of road re-routing, to the big issues of privatization, even until to the environmental pandemonium of cutting down that historic Ormocanon Balete tree. To free the caged elephant in the room, where is Codilla? Or better yet, where are his cronies of political aspirants who wants to help Ormoc city, in the name of their virtue, to progress and help the powerless?

This only indicates one thing, that those who lost it last election period deserved their loss. Why? If they’re really into actions and not just words, which is quite far from the contrary, efforts into interrogating the guilty names behind all these political brouhaha that is still continuing to create a provoking ruckus in the mainstream media should have been created by those who hath lost to show the people that their loss was the people’s loss.

But to be honest, nobody really cares anymore even if Codilla posts on his social media account that he’s also taken up a business degree and graduated with an MBA because the reality is, even until right now, people still hates him for what he’s done to the city since Yolanda. Codilla is not a seasoned politician anymore and even though he and Gomez resorted to vote buying for a cheap price of Php 1,500.00, it’s pretty painfully clear that Codilla had already lost the game even before it started.

He left Ormoc with shattered hopes and many suffering from extreme pauperism and social and psychological asphyxia when Supertyphoon Haiyan hit the city. Is Codilla still alive despite all these bad political karma he’s received from the Ormocanons? That remains to be seen on the coming days.


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