Ormoc City’s Real Prospect of “Change” Are The People.


Ormoc should always remember that the real indicative asset of a strong government is its people, and only its people nonetheless.

What might be good for others might not be good for you. This same sentence goes into a parallel rationale that the public sentiment to “change” the city might not be beneficial for everybody, politically wise.

Ormocanons got fed up of being served by politically incompetent and borderline corrupt politicians who have been sitting in the same position within the four great walls of Ormoc City for how many years. This however resulted to a politician with a higher level of political intelligence to use his brain and take advantage of the fad political slogan “Change is Coming” last election period. In return made a lot of people saw the political bandwagon as a good catch and joining the crusade is the only solution to attain change. Who doesn’t want good change, right?

But what indeed is imperative for this city —which has been suffering from the brutalities of bad politics that is the absolute archenemy of the state and was the common political practice— is a purging to slay and prostrate the natural habitat of the dark political lords. The pied-à-terre of these savage monsters, the haute couture of the TraPo fashion, and the vexatious cries of baseless allegations —alas has crumbled and broke the madness that was of great trepidation to Ormocanons.

Now that the utterly incompetent politicians are out of the big picture and the new set has taken the seats, Ormocanons still have to answer this confronting question: Is Ormoc contented with the new change it has perverted itself to get the progress it had been fantasizing?

It might sound like a pessimist’s idea but dig in deeper into the context of the thought and you’ll get what it means to change. “Change is coming” is the perfect mania a politician has to scheme to win votes, but, what does it really mean to change? What constitutes the word change? More often than not, people seem to confuse the terms “personal interest” from “public interest”, and this is why those who failed to grasp the whole logical definition of these two differing terms are upset and are now in the plight to further argue the impetus of the fad political slogan and the obvious reason why they failed last year.

There is a string of commotion of issues circumventing around the political atmosphere of Ormoc City and most of those who are a part of this commotion, are either a worshiper of the opposition party or are just, as what Ruby Espina dubbed it, “nega people“.

However, that is not at all the case because we at Brave Ormocanon, begs to be heard differently. We see the prime difference between the terms personal and public interest at which most of our local media has either failed to exercise or has given little attention to. So, where does this leave the Ormocanons?

See, one doesn’t need to be a genius to identify real political motives. Sadly, most Ormocanons are just not that interested in politics and would rather watch their favorite noon time shows or their prime time entertainment rather than deal with agenda that affects them. Or, it could either be that they’re afraid to talk against the current administration for the fear of retaliation! Who knows? But here’s the catch to all the talks I’ve been writing, there is something people could do to alter the failure of the past administration Ormoc has just realized is bad and if people refuses to accept that as a fact, then Ormoc city will continue to struggle and fantasize progress which could have been easy if more Ormocanons will start exercising their common senses.

How does this leave the Ormocanons? Obviously, it leads Ormocanons to start thinking for themselves. Ormoc should always remember that the real indicative asset of a strong government are its people, and only its people nonetheless. So long as Ormoc is left with its people in extreme pauperism and their future at stake of being raped by its power-perverted politicians, then the change Ormocanons has been dreaming of will always remain a dream. One doesn’t need to be intelligent to know the limits of his imagination.

The future of Ormoc is clearly at the hands of its people and not on its politicians. Ormocanons should just start taking the initiative to help themselves and quit being so used to being politically ravaged by the same people over and over again.


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