Drug Case, Her “Parasitic” Dilemma: The “Allegation” Indicting Lalaine Jimenea

Guilty or not, her name is on the list. But here comes the big question, is she really a Drug Protector as written in the holy manuscript of PNP Region VIII? No other than Ormoc city’s Lalaine Jimenea, once again is going to make it to Brave Ormocanon’s article. This time however, the case is different: she is allegedly involved as a drug protector from a Banat News¬†report.


Jimenea should answer all the allegations against her.

Her being the sauce of every “kwek-kwek” talk while her minions of EV Mail yellow people screaming “bloody lie” on radio stations, actually leads people like us to think that she’s an enemy of the state’s crusade against drugs. She even went into the defensive by writing a column to portray her as an innocent lady on the verge of reaching the dawn of her age through hanging her “innocently” and becoming Oplan Tokhang’s next target.

Why would people believe in the evidence presented by Albuera’s PNP Chief Police/Chief Inspector Jove Espineda? It’s like asking the same hard-edged question, “Why would people not believe in Lalaine Jimenea and her EV Mail when what they only present are ‘facts’?” See, here goes the logic as to why Lalaine Jimenea will swerve this “politicking” issue the same manner she tried to defend herself in her own column.

(1) That Jimenea’s name being on the official payola list came from the mouth of a drug lord, she is presumably guilty of the charges against her unless stated otherwise, and;

(2) That if what EV Mail publishes in its columns are facts; thus, national publications indicting her as one of the payolas should also be presumed facts.

It is quite disconcerting to know that there are a lot of people willing to kneel down together to storytelling radio stations which shouts almost everytime. The city is enclosed in a space where intelligence and truth is far beyond what it means, and with these radio stations going berserk when their “allies” gets towed to the truth, they become dangerously belligerent.

However, it seems apparent that Jimenea is going to suffer the same brutalities that Balete tree in the city –she openly called parasitic– had. Congruently, to light up this statement, her own current dilemma should be carefully prepared if she still wants people to believe her. Her hours are counted and she should know better than to waste time.

Photo courtesy: Ormocwomen


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