On Gil Giganto’s Approach To Filipino Independence: Mooching


Photo Courtesy: The Pinoy Solutions

In an op-ed article from Ormoc City’s beloved West Leyte Express dated last November 14-20 by Gil Giganto, a prime example of a typical Filipino attitude has been portrayed as an idea by a writer  who doesn’t seem to fully grasp what he’s trying to explain, himself.

To simply put out Giganto’s idea as a typical Filipino, there was never a “benefit of the doubt”  as what he would like people to believe with the Philippines’ detachment to the U.S. which he cited in his article. The idea of being with the U.S. of America while acting all high and proud with the independence the Philippines had some hundred years ago is simply counter-intuitive. With Filipinos who thinks like Giganto, who espouses mooching as a trending Filipino culture, while working in a newspaper company, is an insult to both the society and to intelligence as a whole.

To answer his “To be or Not To be” article –which sadly failed to explicate the dynamics of the whole article per se— could be generically countered by a surprisingly not to be counter-intuition. (1) For a typical Filipino who is used to dole outs and spoon-feeds from their mighty Uncle Sam, the only way to attain progress is to teach Filipinos how to wean themselves off of spoon-feeding and dole outs. In fact, this attitude is more damaging than helpful. If one would observe, it’s pretty obvious why most Filipinos especially, here in Ormoc couldn’t get themselves out of poverty boils down to the fact that they have been expecting the government, or any outside intervention willing to give them dole outs, to wholly get them out of the poverty line.

The country can stand on its own, that’s if people help find a way to stand on their own feet. It’s quite confusing when Filipinos talk about a topic as simple as “progress” when they still continue to depend on the “West” for “help”. The country have been dependent with the U.S. for how many years and President Duterte have been brave and smart enough, to stop the madness the past administration have been too fearful and too blind to look into, to help the country become independent. But, (2) Filipinos are a big fan of everything American even if that “everything” is not American.


Gil Giganto is another shame in the WLWE’s name.

Obviously, for Gil Giganto’s approach to this political detachment by the Philippines to the U.S., his insistence on the idea that the country could suck all of the luck out there in the open field to get the progress it has been fantasizing while using a western approach to an eastern problem, is just plain contradictory and disturbing.

Giganto, in his supposedly well-thought article, failed miserably to showcase his socio-economist mindset and apply his knowledge to a real life situation to help out Filipinos forge an actual valuable perspective to achieve progress even without an American intervention. Here’s the thing, if Filipinos want to have a life like the Singaporeans, they should start admiring the President’s order to stand on its own feet, simply because the late Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew did it for Singapore too.

In Lee Kuan Yew’s book “From Third World to First”, he wrote an article the Philippines’ real sad state of progress even during the time of former president Fidel V. Ramos:

The Philippines had a rambunctious press but it did not check corruption. Individual press reporters could be bought, as could many judges. Something had gone seriously wrong. Millions of Filipino men and women had to leave their country for jobs abroad beneath their level of education. Filipino professionals whom we recruited to work in Singapore are as good as our own. Indeed, their architects, artists, and musicians are more artistic and creative than ours. Hundreds of thousands of them have left for Hawaii and for the American mainland. It is a problem the solution to which has not been made easier by the workings of a Philippine version of the American constitution.”

Why the Philippines have never progressed should never appear as surprising to anyone but Gil Giganto. If one would read the whole article he wrote, what appeared to be quite evident was his ignorance as a writer to the whole Philippine political situation.

So to Giganto who espouses mooching as an attitude, progress is a word too big for your mindset to ponder. Shame on you for publicly announcing mooching as a culture the Philippines and that its people should espouse. And by the way, again, there was never a “benefit of the doubt” because honestly, the country have already started the wagon of a progressive mindset yet you are there, left behind. Move on.


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