Philippines Duterte Drug War

So it has begun. On Kerwin Espinosa’s Congressional probe, it was no other than a bisaya senator –Manny Pacquiao– who did the probing to get facts with which political names have been involved in the drug trader’s list. Assuming what the Philippine congress had synthesized out of its Congressional probe from Espinosa werefacts, then I have to say that the Codillas are reaching the dawn of its political age –and there’s no creeping out out of the dungeon they built with their own hands.

As Espinosa cleared  the city mayor for his alleged inclusion in the drug trade where Albuera Police Chief Jovie Espinido –who on the other hand is a crook in search for a safe haven– had publicly stated that Gomez was listed on the ‘pink’ book written by the late Rolando Espinosa, the Codillas on the other hand have amassed themselves the worst threat to any political image –and Pacquiao almost nailed it home.

Sen. Pacquiao: “Gusto ko lang ikumpirma dito sa salaysay mo na tumatanggap at nakapagbigay ka nang pera kay Violy Codilla at sa husband niya na si Ondo, tama ba? Magkano ang naibigay mo sa kanya?”

Espinosa: “Yes. Yung election period. . . Tumutulong ako sa kanila sa pagkampanya. ‘yon po ang ibig sabihin niyon. ‘ying sinasabi ko na nakapagbigay ako nang pera, ‘yong may fiesta nang Ormoc.”

Sen. Pacquiao: “Ilang beses ka nakapagbigay?”

Espinosa: “Kada fiesta.”

Sen. Pacquiao: “Ilang beses?”

Espinosa: “6 years.”

Sen. Pacquiao: “6 years ka nagbibigay sa kanila? Magkano lahat?”

Espinosa: “Yes. Kada fiesta. Depende sa activities.”

Sen. Pacquiao: “Approximately magkano naibigay (mo) sa kanila?”

Espinosa: “Mga Php500,000.00”

This conversation could also be found from “Krusada”, Ormoc city’s most trusted (pun intended) radio talk show, and on Youtube.

Sen. Pacquiao, despite his lack of judiciary experience, was able to perform better than most of his experienced colleague and was able to conduct a meaningful inquiry with Espinosa and heaped himself information to satiate the media’s hunger for “information” which were given not because he was forced to do it, but because it was what is true.

Seemingly enough, this questions the narrative with what is the real credibility of the Codillas as legendary political species and the knowledge of Ormocanons about the Codillas as a genus who have been in Ormoc city’s political spectrum for how many years. Again, the Codillas have been in the political domain for how many years, so this raises the question: “Why was drug an issue not resolved during their time?” As I could remember during my political assays way back 2012, there was an issue relating them being the “protectors” of the illegal drug trade and other forms of corruption within the city, but these genus of politicians have been adamant in their persuasion to the gullible Ormocanons to clear their names and their political image to win the votes. Surprisingly, it worked.

Not until the recent, the audacity of the Codillas to prove worth of their existence, failed to persuade those who refused to be different. A typical example is the current administration –who else is sitting as the current mayor right now? Or say, which partylist won during the election period? See, the Codillas were not really seasoned politicians and their only political stunt here in Ormoc have always been (1) bad-mouthing the opposition and (2) vote buying. As legendary as they are, they still were not able to formulate ways to conquer the illegal drug trade like warriors simply because they were benefiting from it and were afraid to loose popularity as politicians.

Following the same logic above, it will go down to a notion that Ormoc city has been the strongest standing empire which served as the wall that protected Albuera from the outside forces of the previous administration’s Daang Matuwid justice system. Here’s a proposition to saving graces: Hara-kiri.

The likes of Jovie Espinido should be eradicated in the Philippine society.

Since the Philippines and a lot of Ormocanons loves looking like their racist Asian neighbors –Korea, China, Thailand, and even Ormoc city’s neighboring cities grouped together and dubbed as the Philippines; here’s an awakening of an old tradition from one of the country’s worst nightmare, the Japanese invasion. A Japanese commits Hara-kiri or suicide to save his family’s name when the burden of guilt from anything immoral he has committed is unbearable. I’m not trying to incite suicide here but for the sake of the Espinido family, the likes of Jovie Espinido should be eradicated whose disgrace to the Philippine society and to the PNP is so thick that it left the media believing in the circus he created the himself and with the inclusion of the corrupt Codillas who have been in the service of the people and of their back accounts.

Ormoc city is tired of hearing the same obvious political bullshit the media is incapable of showing. If the same media mediocrity will continue to flourish in this obviously brainless and lazy society, the likes of the Codilla clans which are supported by West Leyte Weekly Express and Jovie Espinido, Ormoc will be swamped with a thick mud of another decade of stupidity and corruption. Ormocanons should start to beg to be heard differently.

And this will continue. . .

(Photo courtesy: The Philippine Star,


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