Both seems to have an issue of their own doingg.

Let it be known to everybody, that Ronnie Dayan and Kerwin Espinosa seems to have an issue of their own doing. Perhaps a typical Ormocanon might ask when the circus of showbiz political fashion that is the Republic of the Philippines, will jail the names and the real criminals of this administration’s War Against Illegal Drugs. Honestly, nobody knows.

In the same planar of thinking, I have written in my previous article that the Codillas are on the brink of existential crisis. Actually, that’s one of the most satirical content I’ve ever written as a 22-year old guy. To the minions of the Gomezes, this might come across as ridiculously confusing; to the loyalists of Codillas, this might present as a relief. But if Ormocanons should step back far enough from the weeds that they are plucking and try to look at the scene the media beholds, then what Kerwin Espinosa had provided as a veritable and a plausible fountain of information during his Congressional Probe with Sen. Pacquiao, will appear to be politically motivated.

Precisely, since when has the Philippine congress ever been an honest source of truth?

Probably, even the lawyers know of this. So if these baboons in the congress will continue dominating the Congress in “exercising their duty in service of the people”, I have to say, we are yet again doomed. Ormocanons should not expect too much from a Philippine “Congressional inquiry” if they want the whole TRUTH –there’s a name for that, a proper court of law. And so it’s not just me who thinks the same thing about a Congressional inquiry, another writer sums up my idea:

Anything that Congress spews is driven by political agenda. Indeed, you do not even need to be a thinker to be a member of Congress. You just need to be popular enough to attract votes.

That summarizes the failed narrative that the Codillas have really received anything from Espinosa. See, the nirvana of a crowd of these intellectually bankrupt Ormocanons are already at neck-deep with the commentary they got from their favorite dum-dum radio talk show that is Krusada.


Try to put this in mind, a proper court of law has a procedure that aligns itself with a systematic approach to arriving the truth. An intellectual argument to present facts and identify lies, of course, is an obsolete factor in a Congress where dimwits dominate the probe. Corollary, this will lead us to conclude that the statement given by Espinosa during his interview with Sen. Pacquiao, in itself, is tantamount to a lie.

Somehow, Ormocanons should exercise critical thinking before trying to get too drowned in a political statement that praises that who is here and indicts that who is there. This will serve as a wake up call to the Codillas, your time is running out. Politics does not end in election period –and you guys know that since you’ve been in history dominating the pages of Ormoc city and its inception.

Photo courtesy:, Politiko


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