Ormoc City’s Media Personalities: The Reason of Brave Ormocanon’s Inception


It is quite disconcerting how Ormoc city’smainstream media works in this critical phase of history –where not a single soul of the so-called writers have lamented in a time where the pendulum of the country’s political momentum is swerving at 360 degrees. The statement is just an affirmation to the same ill-conceived two-paragraph opinion from the array of writers haunting the living millennials who banks on the information written by the city’s politically inclined newspaper companies.

In this crucial time of the year brought to light by the country’s “elite” media, while the sad old Philippines is in its pursuit of persecuting the  country’s superstar “witnesses” to synthesize the emergence of “truth”, but, with a vague inkling of success towards the all too nauseating congressional probe; Ormoc city’s local media on the unnoticeable part of the spectrum, are also doing their best to combat any surge of “issues” that could possibly link them to anything but illegal drugs. Really,  there’s that thick gray line that intrinsically separates the whole narrative of a systematically logical approach to “freedom of expression” and to “defending your identity” by sacking up any criticisms that morphs from a society engulfed in an intergenerational conduct of a corrupt media practice. Surprisingly, these mediamen are a bunch of sensitive and butthurt species that will maul at anything that destroys their reputation.

I somehow find it insulting as a writer that there are still people –like what Ormoc City have inside its zone of exclusivity, that unobtrusively corrupts the minds of the Ormocanons from thinking big. Here’s the bias to a city that brags about its “economic development”, yet, lacks one facet on the progress critirea: apolitical media outlets. Here are the other obvious reasons why the political anatomy of Ormoc is still brain-dead as one could’ve imagined: (1) There’s just too much nepotism which resulted to these (2) mediamen refusing to beat the political norm and (3) are all naive to an environment where street parliamentism secedes from the condescending narrative of colonial mentality. Either of the three presents us the hard truth that Ormoc City, indeed, have politically and culturally unaware writers who has articles that could put The New York Times and The Washington Post to shame by reading the titles alone. That’s not because the titles are misleading, it’s just that the whole content does not have what it takes to see the light of the day.

This resulted to the observant people morphing into silent warriors to conquer a city where political intelligence and credibility are on the brink of existential crisis. These people, though, might not be brave enough to gamble on some public display of some certain authority, but are making the difference –and a lot of Ormocanons are afraid to do just that. It is in this notion that Brave Ormocanon stands out from a crowd of the typical Ormocanons and rejecting the Filipino dogma of “Bahala na” attitude.

Brave Ormocanon comes from the jungle of this complex society, forged itself to not crack down in being a crucible bastion of reality and to not contort itself when pestered by trolls who swarm the website. It takes certain rare with to understand what our objectives here in Brave Ormocanon and whose “political ally” we are, surprisingly, there’s none. And this is the reason why Brave Ormocanon will continue to survive and rise above the sea of media in Ormoc. Simply, Brave Ormocanon just have what it takes to survive in a land where the fittest and the bravest will walk unscathed. Seeing a lot of trolls breeding the same plague-clad specie who will destroy anything that stirs the virtue of the likes of Brave Ormocanon is actually rather entertaining than horrifying.

Every turgid information the city’s local media has been shoving at face value will never cease to end, and frankly speaking, Ormocanons seems to patronize these biased writers. What could be done to break the bond of Ormoc media from societal degradation is to bombard the city’s mediamen with reality. And that’s what people are all missing. So long as Brave Ormocanon sees that the city is spiraling downwards brought by the same dysfuntional culture of media, espoused to a crooked local government official, then expect Brave Ormocanon to be heard differently.


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