Gomez and The “New” Ormoc


The New Face Of Ormoc

Brave Ormocanon might be the city’s only website openly criticizing the condescending hypocrisy circulating in the city’s political veins. Obviously, it is the website’s silent bold legacy to highlight the narrative of how politics have been and has been conducted in an unpopular society full of politically illiterate fools and a specie hell-bent into the seemingly popular belief that Ormoc City, have had the chance to prosper under the holy hands of its previous political masters. It might probably work before where Ormocanons were still kneeling and butt-kissing their hacienderos, thus, leaving them swallowing anything that their slave mentality shoved down their throats. Sadly, that’s not entirely the case in a generation where street revolution is just lurking behind the dark confines of technology.

Apparently, last year’s election that hammered Richard Gomez into the position he so seemingly enjoys right now is the same “revolutionary” spirit the evolved Ormocanons have acquired from decades of slavery and idiosyncrasy. Or perhaps, they’re still the same specie, just lured into a cart full of screaming hypocrites who could not wean themselves off of vote buying, er loyalty. Whatever the case may be, it still resulted to Richard Gomez sitting right now.

Unsurprisingly, Gomez did proved something: being worthy of the votes he bought out of political fashion –and Brave Ormocanon is not foolish enough to dismiss it. Not entirely blaming all these politicians for being so adamant and desperate in their measures to woo the people into voting them because as appalling as it sounds, vote buying is  the same manipulative technique their political gurus have been using for generations.

Now that Gomez has established quite a few remarkable tweaks in Ormoc City’s geopolitical features, it simply begs to be seen that behind all the power-show façade of political fashion that has tarnished the true virtue of politics; there are still people who begs to differ despite the odd political circumstances and that there are still people willing to scream  the good oddity of how it is to be heard differently in a society gearing up to march towards progress that chants one theme, begging to be heard to move on.

Photo Courtesy: Richard Gomez


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