I wasn’t supposed to write this one but for crying out loud, I just couldn’t get myself into agreeing how a West Leyte Express’ writer brought a massively confusing article into the light of the day –all because of a misguided sense of “heroism” rooting from a deliberately crafted history book.

In a wacky article Gil Giganto wrote, he stressed that, “History (sometimes) repeats itself.” Seriously? He got me confused there when he added next, verbatim, “Now our very own president idolized the way of leadership the Late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, and it’s very evident in his way of leading the Philippines.
Care to explain Mr. Giganto?

Apparently, Gil has it in him to let his emotions cloud his sense of logic and, obviously, common sense. Here’s a thing Gil has never asked himself; IS Martial Law present in the current administration as what he had clearly stated in his article? If Gil Giganto’s use of the word “sometimes” with the implication of the current administration is not a dead giveaway, then I don’t know what is.

Gil Giganto is not keen on using his senses as a writer. 

Another thing, I don’t really believe he understands his own claim that the President idolizes the way of the late President Marcos. If it’s anything to go by, Duterte hasn’t even declared Martial Law! Christ, I’m writing this on a personal perspective in the hopes that Gil Giganto will stop nurturing ideas that were never proven even by the right people in the Philippine court since the inception of EDSA I. You don’t need to be a lawyer to understand the simple narrative that if one is convicted of a crime, then he is a criminal. Apparently, it’s quite a daunting work for Mr. Giganto’s little brain to process a simple logic. Think through; first: was there, ever, a reported case that the Late President Marcos was held accountable or convicted for the crimes for the alleged “human rights” violations? Non. Zilch. Zero.

Second, was it Marcos, himself, who commanded the whole legion of Martial Law soldiers to enforce the “virtue” of Martial Law? Again, no. See, not unless you’re a scholar on one of the country’s elite schools, with a strong emphasis to Ateneo de Manila, then you’re good as nothing if you can’t defend your argument claiming that Marcos was the reincarnation of the demon himself “who enslave [sic] us.

What Gil Giganto’s Article Was All About

Mr. Giganto really loves talking, a lot. And talking a lot involves: Martial Law, EDSA revolution, and Natural law –or at least, that’s what I thought eventhough the latter seems to be taking a toll in his argument.

Here’s to all of those who agree with Gil Giganto and his idea of disagreeing to bury the late President Marcos at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (LNMB): the argument that Marcos should not be buried at the LNMB because he was a crook and a human rights’ violator is simply not going to work because the man himself wasn’t convicted for the allegations thrown at him in a Philippine court. Never.

Obviously, for Filipinos, especially the likes of Gil Giganto doesn’t really seem keen on the practice of logical thinking and actions as simple as intervening to prevent the burial of the late President Marcos at the LNMB by lobbying the Armed Forces of the Philippines; indicating a limitation on who could only be buried at the LNMB, clearly stating that Marcos should be definitely not one of them. However, take note that the late President Marcos has the very right to be buried there since he was a soldier and a President during his lively years.

It was never kept secret by the Marcoses to bury their patriarch at the LNMB. After 30 years and two Aquino administrations; those who disagree to have the old man buried there could’ve stopped the inevitable by trying to convict him of the allegations people were throwing at him so they could prevent the Marcoses from burying the late patriarch at the LNMB. They have only themselves to blame for failing to stop his burial. It’s quite interesting though how people like Gil Giganto and these Martial Law crybabies cannot see that their lack of insight is the only thing now making all of them appear laughable in a supposedly serious day: the commemoration of EDSA Revolution. So to say that it’s “a slap on the face of those victims of Martial Law” to have the late president Marcos buried there, well, at least Mr. Giganto could now reflect to divert his political enthusiasm for the right cause.

Gil should try reading more history books and not wallow in a misguided sense of political “awareness” and heroism. Maybe, just maybe, he and more Ormocanons won’t be too ignorant and arrogant enough to educate themselves that it wasn’t really the late president Marcos who crafted the Martial Law but there were also popular names like (1) “Fidel V. Ramos” who headed the national police which was then called the Philippine Constabulary from 1972 to 1981 that enforced Martial Law; (2) then Defense Secretary “Juan Ponce Enrile” who oversees the report from the Armed Forces of the Philippines; lastly (3) “Cesar Virata”, Marcos’ finance secretary from 1970 to 1986 who, then, was the chief technocrat. Virata was one of Marcos’ earliest recruits, joining him in 1967 as deputy director of the Presidential Economic Staff. (Manila Times)

Maybe, just maybe, Giganto won’t be too daring anymore as to question anyone about the proper teachings of the “law” and how one should “follow it”. For Gil Giganto, it should not come as a shock if he see stories calling out to all of the pointless rants he’s been doing in West-Leyte Express on a regular basis. One can only be forgiven for being dumb at a young age; the next, they’re good as dead.

So to say, letting your emotions to take over logical thinking is a bad thing; indeed, it is a bad thing.


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