Gil Giganto’s Ignorance and Stupidity Calls For A Public Apology.

I wonder how many of Ormoc City’s total population believes the idea –according to Gil Giganto of West Leyte Express, again–that Leila de Lima is “fierce in implementing the law”. In Giganto’s article entitled “Semper Fidelis“, he stated his “confusion” about who between President Duterte and Leila de Lima –and not among them– speaks of the “truth”.

I don’t know what is more dangerous between the poison of ignorance and the damnation of stupidity. In today’s age, it’s going to be your own damn fault if you remain ignorant even with all the resources available at your own disposal; let alone act stupid when you could have the chance to educate yourself in manners becoming professional. Apparently, Gil Giganto remains stuck on both ignorance and stupidity at equally deep levels of the spectra –which are the perfect ingredients of braindrain and is considered lethal to the millennial generation especially from someone who is  directly working in an industry that has the immediate access to a massive-yet-limited reproduction of information. He seems to be dragging the weight of both curses on a daily basis directly affecting his sense of judgement as a writer while remaining unknowing of even the most obvious facts behind the Duterte-de Lima debacle. He, as a writer, should know the repercussions of his actions since he’s been writing for he only knows how long and falling into an unjustified conclusion that “the situation will eventually confuse people as to whom[sic] they were[sic] going to believed[sic]” is a humongous dead giveaway that he’s as ignorant as an ignorant could be.

Giganto has also elaborated in his article through a story that “We can hear in the news that senator who has been arrested because of hiding the truth and playing with the lies…” He clearly meant the now jailed Sen. De Lima at whom the judge who issued the warrant of arrest has seen a probable cause to issue the warrant of arrest and put her behind bars. Giganto’s badly written story is enough to make himself realize that he is clueless with what he’s been doing by creating vague statements. To be brutally honest, Giganto doesn’t seem to understand what he had written in his column, at all.

He, once again, morphed into the latte-sipping guru by inciting a rather thoughtless wisdom dipped with pessimism by asking “How are we going to know who’s telling the truth and who was[sic] lying?” Gosh. Oh my gosh. Then the guru added “In the end, our decision will dictate the fate of our future.” Although it might be a good thing that he’s got the time to entertain himself by changing personalities from time to time  and allowing his alter-ego to take a good leap and have its battle of idea bleed into a blank sheet of paper; the real Gil Giganto, however, is not keen on letting his curious alter-ego to take over him. This, sadly, led him to write the most stupid part of his article still clearly confused with the Duterte-de Lima debacle by saying:

Unfortunately we can do nothing about it but to wait until we will be able to know who will have the final card at the end of the road.”

What makes him stupid for a moment there was his insinuation that there’s nothing we could do; that there’s nothing he could do. Well, Gil Giganto shouldn’t be insulted when someone will tell him that there’s something he could do –and that’s through writing. For heaven’s sake, he’s stupid enough to recognize that he is bloody a writer and because he is a writer, he has all the power to educate people about the real state of the country and not bring anymore hanging statements that he clearly couldn’t support. He shouldn’t even be writing something he couldn’t properly explain if he doesn’t want to continue ruining the credibility of West Leyte Express. It should be enough to make him publicly apologize for belittling his title as a writer and the image of the whole West Leyte Express team.

PS: I could only hope that he wasn’t referring to de Lima’s gross incompetence of duty during the Aquino administration, when she acted as a lapdog to help jail PGMA for the alleged misuse of PCSO funds and helping indict the late Chief Justice Renato Corona because the Hacienda Luisita is on the brink of being equally distributed from the Aquino family. I could only hope that these are not what Giganto considers as a “fierce” implementation of the law.

*sips tea*


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