The Death of Optimism in Ormoc City

The revolutionary political era has much started in Ormoc and it’s felt stronger in the political contours that outlines support and loyalty to opposing political parties. People from different social spectrums have emerged not as victorious as what their politicians had promised them even after almost 70 years of being a chartered city, but as somewhere in between the lines of a new level of neediness and sufficiency, hunger and glutton, thirst and fill. What has changed? What have changed? What will be changing?

Poverty. Economic privileges. Opportunities. Brighter future? Looking closely to these words doesn’t even describe the intensity of the needs that accentuates how much work each politicians has to do to meet the emerging demands of Ormoc’s revolutionary society. It is the premise that surrounds the perversion of ‘developing society‘ that weighs the answers of the platonic debate that Ormoc City’s polarized society isn’t keen on pondering.


It’s time for Ormocanons to follow their leader. It’s time for Ormocanons to obliterate the dysfunctional culture of kumpadre mentality. 

Yet, amidst the unanswered needs of Ormoc, there were people who dared to be brave and the resultant force of this bravery has changed a lot in Ormoc City. Simply put it, Ormocanons, with their hatred brought by their seemingly incompetent retired politicians who has bordered towards mediocrity, have elected new faces to administer the prospect of change and aide them, Ormocanons, towards economic prosperity.

This however doesn’t change the fact that it will take the new administration a lot of time to veer the city into meeting the emerging demands that comes within its term. In comparison to the previous administrations, there are really quite significant changes which came with the emergence of the Gomez dynasty. Sure, they may have been new to the stinking Ormocanon politics and that the city mayor right now comes as rookie in the political arena; but, one couldn’t deny the fact that Richard Gomez has proven himself worth a shot despite having a mild attitude problem and temperamental issues in dealing with his local social media critics.

See, this doesn’t endorse political names but merely weighing real visions in a rather practical lens. With the new administration at work now, for once, people from different sociopolitical spectrums in Ormoc should have to put themselves on a ground devoid of any political delusions and think for once: what happens when I follow my leader? This generic question will help people foster a rather deeper sense of belongingness and obliterate Ormocanons’ habitual perversion for self-interest.

Ormoc City has been dead for who knows how long and it’s high time for people to change and start getting real. It’s time for Ormocanons to follow their leader. It’s time for Ormocanons to obliterate the dysfunctional culture of kumpadre mentality. It’s time for people to relieve themselves of the comfort zones they have cocooned themselves into with the ideologies of Power FM, of EV MAIL, of Hot FM, of Kaugop Radio or of WEST LEYTE Express. For once, it’s high time for the Ormocanon people to thinkThe death of optimism in Ormoc City is largely caused by Ormocanons being ignorant and stupid. Until then, optimism will remain dead if Ormocanons will remain ignorant when they know they could do something to help their society and if people who are working in the City Hall right now will let themselves succumb to intellectual malleability when they actually know that the new administration needs their help.

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