In an article written by Sydney Shahid in his Eureka! column in West Leyte Express dated May 15-21, 2017; he, yet again, wrote another Rizalian-themed article with a bold anti-Catholic and anti-Duterte rhetoric he entitled “How did PDU30 become president?*

Shahid is a foreigner who enslaves Ormocanons down to his level of mediocrity.

Shahid went as far as on the expletives of listing 11 elaborative comparisons between (a) how Rizal should be the epitome of a true leader and (b) why Duterte is a ‘coward‘ and isn’t befitting as the Philippines’ President. For the sake of argument, let’s agree to his opening statement which claims that “Duterte is a visionary but his methods [sic] of attaining the said vision is ‘utterly wrong’.”

Consequentially, that statement alone would still shed light to an organic question, “How sure is Shahid?” Let us give ourselves the benefit of the doubt by formulating a rather more synthetic question, “Where did Shahid got his facts?” See, the opinion section of every newspaper companies harbors a large market of ideologies merely founded on prejudice and, you know, political intelligence –or the lack thereof for that matter. However, in Shahid’s case, he fatally blew his article using ‘some estimates’ as the basis of his arguments without further scrutinizing the validity of his assertions. The following are some of the present factors showing how Sydney Shahid was able to murder intellect:

He argued that: “Duterte is an imitator –he imitates (and even worships) dictators like Marcos and Hitler.” The question here would be: are there any solid proofs of Duterte’s supposed ‘imitation’ and worship towards Marcos –let alone Hitler? If I am not mistaken, there was never an instance where he claimed that his administration was leaning towards a totalitarian society where he would demand absolute power to control the country and the people. In other words, he did not ever mentioned that he would amend the constitutional provisions of the country’s democratic foundations to favor the function of self-interest; so to claim dictatorship is what he wanted in his regime is a total hoax. For Christ’s sake, he didn’t even want to become the President.

He further asserted in his argument that: “Duterte only sees the result of the problem and kills the result (poor and innocent people). Drugs are result of poverty. Kill the poverty and drugs will vanish into thin air.” Let’s amplify this rather unsound judgment using the logical framework of Shahid’s assertions –in ‘some’ report about First World countries i.e. USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, and heck even Japan –they are still bombarded with issues of illegal drugs which manifests in other forms; yet, they’re all considered economically advanced countries where poverty isn’t that alarming compared to the Philippines. That means that poverty isn’t the cause of drugs, but poor implementation of stricter policies to prevent the further occurrence of illegal drug trade. That’s elementary logic.

In his another assertion, he claimed that Duterte jails his opponents on ‘false charges’. Now that’s a logic from the Yellow narrative who so adamantly claims that they’re being targeted by the current administration because they’re the opposition. Let’s not all forget that these people are being targeted because the current administration sees that there’s a probable cause to the allegations thrown against them. Liberal Party squandered not only 6 years of public service, but also the resources that could’ve had helped the country and the Filipinos if the previous members of the then administration weren’t corrupt. Now it’s time for them to answer the allegations thrown against each members of their party to give legal justification towards the country’s greatest nemesis.

In his sixth assertion, he wrote that “Duterte looks brave only on the surface because he has the power.” And that “There is “NOTHING” brave about him because killing innocent people is a “COWARDLY” act.” Let us assess the validity of this assertion; was there, ever, a report claiming that Duterte killed ‘innocent poor people’? The reports about him killing people are mainly allegations which, however, could be taken into consideration by a proper court of law in determining whether these allegations could be a ground for his imprisonment. In fact, a recent impeachment rap against him under the grounds of Human Rights violations was junked by solons because the allegation filed by Alejano “lacks substance despite its sufficiency in form.” In other words, the accusations were founded on mere ‘hearsays’.

We could, however, agree to Shahid’s seventh assertion that Duterte just couldn’t keep his mouth from calling people “filthy names with all kind [sic] of profanity.” It is cringe worthy to hear the President spew words which are not considered professional in all aspects of the word per se, but does he give a rat’s arse with the world’s opinion? I guess it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t.

Jumping to his ninth assertion in which he showed how much of a killer the President is, he claimed that “Duterte loves killings [sic] “innocent” people. According to some estimates he has so far killed over 7000 innocent people and number keeps on rising.” This is where his claims blew the shite out of him: he asserted a claim founded merely on “some estimates” he didn’t even bother to mention the source. If I could remember correctly, there was a dispute between Rappler’s data because they couldn’t do simple mathematics. However, in an investigative report from The Manila Times, they reported that the death tolls of the supposed EJK was only 2, 582 according to the report of PNP as of last March 2017. However, the 7,080 figure released by Rappler was a very wrong report because they have included the figures of Deaths Under Investigation (DUI) in their tally. In fact, the Philippine Star’s report and ABS-CBN’s reported almost the same figures, which were only a third of a fraction from Rappler’s 7,080 figures. See, if we only read one source of information to back our claims, the immediate effect of this is an unnecessary closure of the mind into accepting other legitimate facts to make our claims more convincing. I thought that having an MD on your name would mean something, but it proves otherwise when you’re someone who would back your claims by using “some estimates” just to drive a petty opinion.

In Shahid’s tenth assertion, he claimed that “Philippines real problem is “poverty” due to lack of family planning.” And that “Duterte has been in power for almost a year and has done “NOTHING” about it.” Let us all remind ourselves of Executive Order No. 12 signed by Duterte to accelerate the implementation of RA 10354 otherwise known as “Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law” (RP/RH Law). The RP/RH Law aims to guarantee universal access to methods of contraception, fertility control, sexual education and maternal care. This would also allow the families to control the number of their children using contraceptives and condoms. It’s really obvious that Shahid couldn’t see that as ‘something’ of a family planning policy despite all that MD accolades in his name.

In his last list, let’s all anchor to a common ground for his claim that “Duterte said he would resign if he couldn’t solve the problem of drugs in 6 months.” Yes, indeed he said that, just like former President Aquino said that he’d get run over by a train if he wouldn’t be able to solve the LRT’s problems. Yet, he’s still here, alive, just like Duterte.

In the light to all of Shahid’s false claims, he stoop so low as to question the quality of Filipinos’ emotional intelligence intentionally demeaning their religious inclinations and their historical awareness. Filipinos do not see Duterte as a ‘phony’ hero because they view him as the new father of this country; and to claim that Filipinos are ‘apathetic’ let us all ask him this, what does Shahid see every time he looks at those who cry bloody murder on Martial Law declaration in Mindanao because they think it’s going to be a reenactment of the 1947 Martial Law? Is it apathy, or is it a collective effort of the Filipinos to help each other? That alone is an obvious example that Filipinos aren’t apathetic in comparison to the preconceived notions that Shahid so adamantly claimed. Shahid probably won’t understand the sentiments of the people because he’s so caged with all the luxuries he could afford while living in the country.

Yes, Duterte might be all the things Shahid’s favorite psychologist reported in their findings, but compare the previous administrations’ and Duterte’s; have you, once, ever heard of a direct support from most of the world’s leaders towards a strongman diagnosed with an “Antisocial Narcissistic Personality Disorder” who has a firm stand to help his people in rebuilding his country? No.

On the outset of Shahid’s arguments, he claimed that extra judicial killing is anathema to Human Rights –so therefore judicial killing is warranted? Judicial killing, as defined by Manila Times, “is where the state, in its power to dispense justice to those who transgress its criminal laws, causes the death of the subjects who have been found guilty of a crime warranting such extreme punishment.” It behooves one to think that there are people killed in some police operations under suspicious circumstances. EJK still has an absence of a legal definition but there’s one synonymous to it –extra-legal killing where the then Secretary of Justice Leila de Lima issued Administrative Order No. 35 in 2012 to attempt to define the term with the present elements described by De La Salle University’s Political Science professor, Antonio P. Contreras:

1. The victim was either

a) A member of or affiliated with an organization, to include political, environmental, agrarian, labor, or similar causes; or

b) An advocate of above-named causes;

c) A media practitioner; or

d) Person or persons apparently mistaken or identified to be so.

2. The victim was targeted and killed because of his/her actual or perceived membership, advocacy or profession.

3. The person responsible for the killing is a state agent or a non-state agent.

4. The method and circumstances of the attack reveal a deliberate intent to kill.

So that would clarify the definition that not druggies, not criminals, and definitely not innocent poor, can fall victim into an EJK. How could Shahid so conveniently accuse the President of committing an act that isn’t even legally defined in the country’s laws and policies? It behooves us further to conclude that, Sydney Shahid, a columnist of West Leyte Express, isn’t helping this country and this city because after all, he is a foreigner who enslaves Ormocanons down to his level of mediocrity.

*A three-part picture of the article will be uploaded soon

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