Ormocanon Drivers and their Squatter Mentality


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There’s nothing wrong with being poor, however being poor without preserving to succeed is another thing. The common struggle of Ormoc City’s commuters and drivers alike differs based on how each individual views each struggles respectively.

Take the case of an Ormocanon who had a close encounter with a squatter logic. She was commuting on her way to the city when this driver ranted about the new city ordinances he had expressed a strong dislike for. He kept rambling about how the city ordinances have “ruined the lives of the poor” and where the lives of “street vendors'” are ruined while trying to make a living. That statement is just a microcosm of how Ormocanons are so devoid of fine reasoning and are not thinking about synergic solutions, at all.

Here’s what’s wrong with how Ormocanons have claimed that being poor comes with a sense of entitlement and that there should be privileges that should come their way because, again, they’re poor. Just because one is poor doesn’t mean they’re ought to have self-entitlement and should be cajoled by the government simply because they are the most vulnerable sector in the community. It’s pure hypocrisy when people keep on saying that they want to be rich but doesn’t really work to become one.

Come to think of it and ask yourselves this; are Ormocanons really that lazy and dumb to see the new city ordinances as helpful? Sure, we have a problem with how our traffic scheme is working because it wasn’t planned by an engineer but by a medical practioner; but is it really that bad to decongest the city of street vendors –who by the way are one of the obvious contributors to the city’s traffic? Is it really that bad to ask drivers to wear proper clothing out of customer service? I’m pretty sure no one wants to ride on a tricycle with a driver smelling so badly of putok. As much as how gross it sounds, it happens and nobody wants that. Another thing, how would someone feel if they’ve been sniffing second hand smokes from somebody? These are just simple things that are obviously considered disturbing but to people who has succumbed to squatter mentality.

The irony of this is that, I’ve been seeing street vendors relocating their businesses to areas that are not directly affected by traffic and that initiative is commendable. They haven’t even cried foul over it because they know they contribute to the bad traffic flow, yet, they silently did what other “jobless” people didn’t do: they re-established their businesses. See? Now this makes me wonder why PUV and PUJ drivers are so against decongesting the city with its disturbing traffic.

One doesn’t need to work in an air-conditioned room to learn how to think. In order for Ormocanons to be winners fitting into a society of, err, equality; they have to debunk the theory that being poor makes them worthy of entitlement and privileges.

Email us: braveormocanon@gmail.com


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