Ormoc City, being a politically saturated society, demands all sorts of knowledge and a deep unprejudiced cognitive restructuring to absorb the importance of a goal as a productive society. It, being a part of the new world, conforms to the evident contemporary demands of the land through the efforts of its people of different economic and political strata. However, being one of the Philippines’ societies that has been plagued by the chronic culture of corruption, incompetence and nepotism; those who were supposed to mould Ormocanons to foster a deeper sense of understanding of the socio-culutral and political views of the city, have succumbed to intellectual malleability which stymied the concept of progress Ormoc City deserves.

It is, rather, evident that Ormoc City is filled with (1) loudmouthed radio commentators to (2) unappealingly prejudicial newspaper writers who has managed to ruin the most basic foundation of altruism. See, the two entities above comes from one business crucial to the land: the business of talking. Talking, like any other form of business is not cheap and the above entities are well aware of their roles in the society. Apparently, this business have morphed into corrupted talking which resulted to a massive political division and actions that has catapulted to as a damaged society and wasted resources. The concept of a sensible and objective journalism in Ormoc has long died and the amount of neutralized media is none at all present. This stimulated people of the same level of thinking to convene by detaching themselves from the poisonous feeding of information vested as ‘public awareness’ and built a haven of nontraditional views: the Brave Ormocanon.

Built from the foundations of a deviant thinking refined by freedom, we scrutinize issues delivered by Ormoc City’s very own local media. Bounded by a strong sense of street parliamentism and rare wit to question the traditional political atmosphere engineered by the city’s corrupted ‘journalists’; Brave Ormocanon stands proud in breaking the habitual culture of corruption, incompetence and in pointing out the flawed notion of nepotism. It is imperative that Brave Ormocanon breaks the culture and live to its legacy to keep “Thinking for Ormoc. Writing for the Ormocanons.”