Ormocanon Drivers and their Squatter Mentality

Ormocanons are so devoid of fine reasoning and are not thinking about synergic solutions, at all.


The Death of Optimism in Ormoc City

Ormoc City has been dead for who knows how long and it’s time for people to change and start getting real.┬áIt’s time for Ormocanons to follow their leader.

Brave Shorts: Is Codilla Still Alive?

“To be honest, nobody really cares anymore even if Codilla posts on his social media account that he’s also taken up a business degree and graduated with an MBA because the reality is, even until right now, people still hates him for what he’s done to the city since Yolanda. Codilla is not a seasoned politician anymore…”

Brave Shorts: Richard Gomez Should Deal His Critics Even Without The Local Media

He’s already made a mistake by letting a tabloid company interfere with his works by letting it sugracoat him and feed the people with news to make him look so appealing. Gomez should always keep it in his mind that Ormoc has seen improved things after the previous administration left the political spectrum; bluntly speaking, since he took over the seat. So to Richard Gomez, one of the smartest ways to deal with politics is to answer your critics.