Codilla’s Dilemma, Gomez’s Gain: Millennials as Judges.

Ormoc has been on the hands of Codillas for quiet a while and has had enough of the incompetence and corruption poisoning the air Ormocanons breath. He has never been a seasoned politician even if his seat says otherwise; remember that with vote buying as a good business on far flung areas only accessible by limited transportation, one will surely get a pie over those handful of votes.

Ormoc City and Its Perversion to Political Dynasty

Simply, the problem starts with the people. Ormocanons let its poor idealism veer into self-destructive indulgence. Again, it is not through seeing a family run into politics that makes a city great; it is through seeing and knowing the problems and finding solutions to make it great. Ormocanons has perverted itself into believing that political dynasty is, and will be the only solution to the reoccurring problems and has disregarded the fact that the real solution is choosing and voting wisely…