West Leyte Express’ Murder of Intellect

In an article written by Sydney Shahid in his Eureka! column in West Leyte Express dated May 15-21, 2017; he, yet again, wrote another Rizalian-themed article with a bold anti-Catholic and anti-Duterte rhetoric he entitled “How did PDU30 become president?*

Shahid is a foreigner who enslaves Ormocanons down to his level of mediocrity.

Shahid went as far as on the expletives of listing 11 elaborative comparisons between (a) how Rizal should be the epitome of a true leader and (b) why Duterte is a ‘coward‘ and isn’t befitting as the Philippines’ President. For the sake of argument, let’s agree to his opening statement which claims that “Duterte is a visionary but his methods [sic] of attaining the said vision is ‘utterly wrong’.”

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Gil Giganto’s Ignorance and Stupidity Calls For A Public Apology.

I wonder how many of Ormoc City’s total population believes the idea –according to Gil Giganto of West Leyte Express, again–that Leila de Lima is “fierce in implementing the law”. In Giganto’s article entitled “Semper Fidelis“, he stated his “confusion” about who between President Duterte and Leila de Lima –and not among them– speaks of the “truth”.

I don’t know what is more dangerous between the poison of ignorance and the damnation of stupidity. In today’s age, it’s going to be your own damn fault if you remain ignorant even with all the resources available at your own disposal; let alone act stupid when you could have the chance to educate yourself in manners becoming professional. Apparently, Gil Giganto remains stuck on both ignorance and stupidity at equally deep levels of the spectra –which are the perfect ingredients of braindrain and is considered lethal to the millennial generation especially from someone who is  directly working in an industry that has the immediate access to a massive-yet-limited reproduction of information. He seems to be dragging the weight of both curses on a daily basis directly affecting his sense of judgement as a writer while remaining unknowing of even the most obvious facts behind the Duterte-de Lima debacle. He, as a writer, should know the repercussions of his actions since he’s been writing for he only knows how long and falling into an unjustified conclusion that “the situation will eventually confuse people as to whom[sic] they were[sic] going to believed[sic]” is a humongous dead giveaway that he’s as ignorant as an ignorant could be.

Giganto has also elaborated in his article through a story that “We can hear in the news that senator who has been arrested because of hiding the truth and playing with the lies…” He clearly meant the now jailed Sen. De Lima at whom the judge who issued the warrant of arrest has seen a probable cause to issue the warrant of arrest and put her behind bars. Giganto’s badly written story is enough to make himself realize that he is clueless with what he’s been doing by creating vague statements. To be brutally honest, Giganto doesn’t seem to understand what he had written in his column, at all.

He, once again, morphed into the latte-sipping guru by inciting a rather thoughtless wisdom dipped with pessimism by asking “How are we going to know who’s telling the truth and who was[sic] lying?” Gosh. Oh my gosh. Then the guru added “In the end, our decision will dictate the fate of our future.” Although it might be a good thing that he’s got the time to entertain himself by changing personalities from time to time  and allowing his alter-ego to take a good leap and have its battle of idea bleed into a blank sheet of paper; the real Gil Giganto, however, is not keen on letting his curious alter-ego to take over him. This, sadly, led him to write the most stupid part of his article still clearly confused with the Duterte-de Lima debacle by saying:

Unfortunately we can do nothing about it but to wait until we will be able to know who will have the final card at the end of the road.”

What makes him stupid for a moment there was his insinuation that there’s nothing we could do; that there’s nothing he could do. Well, Gil Giganto shouldn’t be insulted when someone will tell him that there’s something he could do –and that’s through writing. For heaven’s sake, he’s stupid enough to recognize that he is bloody a writer and because he is a writer, he has all the power to educate people about the real state of the country and not bring anymore hanging statements that he clearly couldn’t support. He shouldn’t even be writing something he couldn’t properly explain if he doesn’t want to continue ruining the credibility of West Leyte Express. It should be enough to make him publicly apologize for belittling his title as a writer and the image of the whole West Leyte Express team.

PS: I could only hope that he wasn’t referring to de Lima’s gross incompetence of duty during the Aquino administration, when she acted as a lapdog to help jail PGMA for the alleged misuse of PCSO funds and helping indict the late Chief Justice Renato Corona because the Hacienda Luisita is on the brink of being equally distributed from the Aquino family. I could only hope that these are not what Giganto considers as a “fierce” implementation of the law.

*sips tea*

The Incompatibility of Martial Law and Gil Giganto is Emotional

I wasn’t supposed to write this one but for crying out loud, I just couldn’t get myself into agreeing how a West Leyte Express’ writer brought a massively confusing article into the light of the day –all because of a misguided sense of “heroism” rooting from a deliberately crafted history book.

In a wacky article Gil Giganto wrote, he stressed that, “History (sometimes) repeats itself.” Seriously? He got me confused there when he added next, verbatim, “Now our very own president idolized the way of leadership the Late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, and it’s very evident in his way of leading the Philippines.
Care to explain Mr. Giganto?

Apparently, Gil has it in him to let his emotions cloud his sense of logic and, obviously, common sense. Here’s a thing Gil has never asked himself; IS Martial Law present in the current administration as what he had clearly stated in his article? If Gil Giganto’s use of the word “sometimes” with the implication of the current administration is not a dead giveaway, then I don’t know what is.

Gil Giganto is not keen on using his senses as a writer. 

Another thing, I don’t really believe he understands his own claim that the President idolizes the way of the late President Marcos. If it’s anything to go by, Duterte hasn’t even declared Martial Law! Christ, I’m writing this on a personal perspective in the hopes that Gil Giganto will stop nurturing ideas that were never proven even by the right people in the Philippine court since the inception of EDSA I. You don’t need to be a lawyer to understand the simple narrative that if one is convicted of a crime, then he is a criminal. Apparently, it’s quite a daunting work for Mr. Giganto’s little brain to process a simple logic. Think through; first: was there, ever, a reported case that the Late President Marcos was held accountable or convicted for the crimes for the alleged “human rights” violations? Non. Zilch. Zero.

Second, was it Marcos, himself, who commanded the whole legion of Martial Law soldiers to enforce the “virtue” of Martial Law? Again, no. See, not unless you’re a scholar on one of the country’s elite schools, with a strong emphasis to Ateneo de Manila, then you’re good as nothing if you can’t defend your argument claiming that Marcos was the reincarnation of the demon himself “who enslave [sic] us.

What Gil Giganto’s Article Was All About

Mr. Giganto really loves talking, a lot. And talking a lot involves: Martial Law, EDSA revolution, and Natural law –or at least, that’s what I thought eventhough the latter seems to be taking a toll in his argument.

Here’s to all of those who agree with Gil Giganto and his idea of disagreeing to bury the late President Marcos at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (LNMB): the argument that Marcos should not be buried at the LNMB because he was a crook and a human rights’ violator is simply not going to work because the man himself wasn’t convicted for the allegations thrown at him in a Philippine court. Never.

Obviously, for Filipinos, especially the likes of Gil Giganto doesn’t really seem keen on the practice of logical thinking and actions as simple as intervening to prevent the burial of the late President Marcos at the LNMB by lobbying the Armed Forces of the Philippines; indicating a limitation on who could only be buried at the LNMB, clearly stating that Marcos should be definitely not one of them. However, take note that the late President Marcos has the very right to be buried there since he was a soldier and a President during his lively years.

It was never kept secret by the Marcoses to bury their patriarch at the LNMB. After 30 years and two Aquino administrations; those who disagree to have the old man buried there could’ve stopped the inevitable by trying to convict him of the allegations people were throwing at him so they could prevent the Marcoses from burying the late patriarch at the LNMB. They have only themselves to blame for failing to stop his burial. It’s quite interesting though how people like Gil Giganto and these Martial Law crybabies cannot see that their lack of insight is the only thing now making all of them appear laughable in a supposedly serious day: the commemoration of EDSA Revolution. So to say that it’s “a slap on the face of those victims of Martial Law” to have the late president Marcos buried there, well, at least Mr. Giganto could now reflect to divert his political enthusiasm for the right cause.

Gil should try reading more history books and not wallow in a misguided sense of political “awareness” and heroism. Maybe, just maybe, he and more Ormocanons won’t be too ignorant and arrogant enough to educate themselves that it wasn’t really the late president Marcos who crafted the Martial Law but there were also popular names like (1) “Fidel V. Ramos” who headed the national police which was then called the Philippine Constabulary from 1972 to 1981 that enforced Martial Law; (2) then Defense Secretary “Juan Ponce Enrile” who oversees the report from the Armed Forces of the Philippines; lastly (3) “Cesar Virata”, Marcos’ finance secretary from 1970 to 1986 who, then, was the chief technocrat. Virata was one of Marcos’ earliest recruits, joining him in 1967 as deputy director of the Presidential Economic Staff. (Manila Times)

Maybe, just maybe, Giganto won’t be too daring anymore as to question anyone about the proper teachings of the “law” and how one should “follow it”. For Gil Giganto, it should not come as a shock if he see stories calling out to all of the pointless rants he’s been doing in West-Leyte Express on a regular basis. One can only be forgiven for being dumb at a young age; the next, they’re good as dead.

So to say, letting your emotions to take over logical thinking is a bad thing; indeed, it is a bad thing.

Ormoc City’s Media Personalities: The Reason of Brave Ormocanon’s Inception


It is quite disconcerting how Ormoc city’smainstream media works in this critical phase of history –where not a single soul of the so-called writers have lamented in a time where the pendulum of the country’s political momentum is swerving at 360 degrees. The statement is just an affirmation to the same ill-conceived two-paragraph opinion from the array of writers haunting the living millennials who banks on the information written by the city’s politically inclined newspaper companies.

In this crucial time of the year brought to light by the country’s “elite” media, while the sad old Philippines is in its pursuit of persecuting the  country’s superstar “witnesses” to synthesize the emergence of “truth”, but, with a vague inkling of success towards the all too nauseating congressional probe; Ormoc city’s local media on the unnoticeable part of the spectrum, are also doing their best to combat any surge of “issues” that could possibly link them to anything but illegal drugs. Really,  there’s that thick gray line that intrinsically separates the whole narrative of a systematically logical approach to “freedom of expression” and to “defending your identity” by sacking up any criticisms that morphs from a society engulfed in an intergenerational conduct of a corrupt media practice. Surprisingly, these mediamen are a bunch of sensitive and butthurt species that will maul at anything that destroys their reputation.

I somehow find it insulting as a writer that there are still people –like what Ormoc City have inside its zone of exclusivity, that unobtrusively corrupts the minds of the Ormocanons from thinking big. Here’s the bias to a city that brags about its “economic development”, yet, lacks one facet on the progress critirea: apolitical media outlets. Here are the other obvious reasons why the political anatomy of Ormoc is still brain-dead as one could’ve imagined: (1) There’s just too much nepotism which resulted to these (2) mediamen refusing to beat the political norm and (3) are all naive to an environment where street parliamentism secedes from the condescending narrative of colonial mentality. Either of the three presents us the hard truth that Ormoc City, indeed, have politically and culturally unaware writers who has articles that could put The New York Times and The Washington Post to shame by reading the titles alone. That’s not because the titles are misleading, it’s just that the whole content does not have what it takes to see the light of the day.

This resulted to the observant people morphing into silent warriors to conquer a city where political intelligence and credibility are on the brink of existential crisis. These people, though, might not be brave enough to gamble on some public display of some certain authority, but are making the difference –and a lot of Ormocanons are afraid to do just that. It is in this notion that Brave Ormocanon stands out from a crowd of the typical Ormocanons and rejecting the Filipino dogma of “Bahala na” attitude.

Brave Ormocanon comes from the jungle of this complex society, forged itself to not crack down in being a crucible bastion of reality and to not contort itself when pestered by trolls who swarm the website. It takes certain rare with to understand what our objectives here in Brave Ormocanon and whose “political ally” we are, surprisingly, there’s none. And this is the reason why Brave Ormocanon will continue to survive and rise above the sea of media in Ormoc. Simply, Brave Ormocanon just have what it takes to survive in a land where the fittest and the bravest will walk unscathed. Seeing a lot of trolls breeding the same plague-clad specie who will destroy anything that stirs the virtue of the likes of Brave Ormocanon is actually rather entertaining than horrifying.

Every turgid information the city’s local media has been shoving at face value will never cease to end, and frankly speaking, Ormocanons seems to patronize these biased writers. What could be done to break the bond of Ormoc media from societal degradation is to bombard the city’s mediamen with reality. And that’s what people are all missing. So long as Brave Ormocanon sees that the city is spiraling downwards brought by the same dysfuntional culture of media, espoused to a crooked local government official, then expect Brave Ormocanon to be heard differently.

On Gil Giganto’s Approach To Filipino Independence: Mooching

Photo Courtesy: The Pinoy Solutions

In an op-ed article from Ormoc City’s beloved West Leyte Express dated last November 14-20 by Gil Giganto, a prime example of a typical Filipino attitude has been portrayed as an idea by a writer  who doesn’t seem to fully grasp what he’s trying to explain, himself.

To simply put out Giganto’s idea as a typical Filipino, there was never a “benefit of the doubt”  as what he would like people to believe with the Philippines’ detachment to the U.S. which he cited in his article. The idea of being with the U.S. of America while acting all high and proud with the independence the Philippines had some hundred years ago is simply counter-intuitive. With Filipinos who thinks like Giganto, who espouses mooching as a trending Filipino culture, while working in a newspaper company, is an insult to both the society and to intelligence as a whole.

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Drug Case, Her “Parasitic” Dilemma: The “Allegation” Indicting Lalaine Jimenea

Guilty or not, her name is on the list. But here comes the big question, is she really a Drug Protector as written in the holy manuscript of PNP Region VIII? No other than Ormoc city’s Lalaine Jimenea, once again is going to make it to Brave Ormocanon’s article. This time however, the case is different: she is allegedly involved as a drug protector from a Banat News report.

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Why Ormoc City’s Local Media Is Afraid To Talk Against It’s Current Administration


Little has been said about the real sad state of Ormoc city’s local media. Nobody talks about big issues that raises suspicions as to the true motives of the government behind all these pseudo attempts —political cronyism for one by privatizing state owned equities— into “converting” the city as a large scale business district.

Remembering the remnants of the media circus last election period, it became a common scenario to Filipinos hearing their local media bickering against each other like school girls cat fighting to get their crush’s attention. What’s worse was, these bickering media bitches were avid supporters of a certain political color like their lives depended on it and then silent themselves that one could literally hear crickets chirping on the background when their “manok” lost the election game. Such circus these hippie media men exhibited had been of an entertainment in so many disturbing ways.

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