Codillas Are On The Brink Of Existential Crisis –And It Can’t Be Helped

As legendary as they are, they still were not able to formulate ways to conquer the illegal drug trade like warriors simply because they were benefiting from it


On Gil Giganto’s Approach To Filipino Independence: Mooching

Why the Philippines never progressed should never appear as surprising to anyone but Gil Giganto. If one would read the whole article he wrote, what appeared to be quite evident was his ignorance as a writer to the whole Philippine political situation.

Brave Shorts: Is Codilla Still Alive?

“To be honest, nobody really cares anymore even if Codilla posts on his social media account that he’s also taken up a business degree and graduated with an MBA because the reality is, even until right now, people still hates him for what he’s done to the city since Yolanda. Codilla is not a seasoned politician anymore…”