Brave Shorts: Richard Gomez Should Deal His Critics Even Without The Local Media

He’s already made a mistake by letting a tabloid company interfere with his works by letting it sugracoat him and feed the people with news to make him look so appealing. Gomez should always keep it in his mind that Ormoc has seen improved things after the previous administration left the political spectrum; bluntly speaking, since he took over the seat. So to Richard Gomez, one of the smartest ways to deal with politics is to answer your critics.

Hypocrisy, Lalaine Jimenea and Her Highfalutin Madness Through Her Personal Biased Media

It is quite obvious now that EV Mail has a grim future if Jimenea will continue to plague the business with her hate-filled and shallow insights to people issues and not correct her “attitude problem”. Her highfalutin madness and fanaticism towards the mayor and what little fame she could scrape out of the political sphere will do nothing but drag her down to her own demise. Although she is not an avid supporter of the previous administration, it sure as hell looks like she is a dog waiting for the Gomez administration to pitch her a bone and jump on a landmine anytime they wish her to.

Codilla’s Dilemma, Gomez’s Gain: Millennials as Judges.

Ormoc has been on the hands of Codillas for quiet a while and has had enough of the incompetence and corruption poisoning the air Ormocanons breath. He has never been a seasoned politician even if his seat says otherwise; remember that with vote buying as a good business on far flung areas only accessible by limited transportation, one will surely get a pie over those handful of votes.